Are you sure ERP is right for you?
72% of ERP implementations fail, so why not consider a more nimble alternative? Bixly Automate is a Reactive Platform and Professional Services provider. Optimize your operations across your existing software and processes.
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Our history

Created by Bixly Inc, a California based company.

“We're really happy with Bixly. The developer that we work with has been great. He's fast, delivers with quality and gels well with our team. Also, Bixly charges very reasonable rates. I highly recommend them."
- Perkville

"The meetings stay on point, questions are quickly communicated, and tasks are always completed in a timely manner."
- Tendenci

A few of our happy clients

Remove Work Silos

Remove communication blockages between departments without adding more management.

Before Automate

After Automate

Dashboards for Visibility

Work our Dashboard Partners and get the right information to the people that need it. The information comes from ALL of your toolchain, databases, software, departments.

How's this different than ERP?

ERP is a monolithic, all in solution that isn’t right for everybody. They don’t play nice with software you already use and in the end, nobody gets their favorite tool.

We are not an ERP provider. Rather, we use "bots" to build on top of the software/processes you have in place and configure them to work as one, thus providing a powerful modular alternative to ERP.

How much time and money has gone into your current tools? Don’t replace them if they work, connect and automate them! Imagine a workplace without double or triple entry, where an invoice in one software can launch a process from another.

Our Process

Adding the brains to connect all people and systems

Free Audit

Determine if your needs can be met by an integrative approach.


Every processes and tool and desire is specified and built.


The software is launched within your company and iteratively improved.